VA-E Psychological Model

I used my Model VA-E to help people overcome psychological suffering, teaching how to act on Mental Images to manage thoughts and emotions. I have given demonstrations of how my Model works in World Congresses


What we review with the mind’s eye gives the Brain the power to manage our whole life . Especially since there is a strong link between mental images and emotions

I have always had a particular interest in what the mind can create using the imagination. Half a century ago I used hypnosis because the altered state of consciousness allows a rapid and detailed production of mental images; today I work on mental representations without the use of hypnosis, I teach people how to use them to improve their quality of life.

The discoveries of neuroscience, cybernetic and quantum, related to what happens in the “brain box” when the gelatinous mass is stimulated by the information coming through the senses, state that, sight and hearing are closely linked to emotions , together they direct our actions.

Let’s think about the real possibility today of transforming thoughts into computer programs: it is assumed that the bioelectrical signals produced by thought and emotions, are waves that the brain can send out in a typical shape corresponding to some activity: the waves transformed into signals digitally transmitted to the computer and analyzed by a program can stimulate specific actions .

If we have stimulating forces in the brain that can produce actions, why not try to use them to control some emotional reactions within us and all consequent actions outside of us?

I propose a new, easy and immediately effective way of to use the capabilities of our brain to improve the quality of our life .

At the beginning of my work, I called my VA-E Neuropsychological Model because it is based on our faculty of Seeing, Listening – Exciting and on the possibility of act on mental images to know how to manage thoughts and , consequently, actions.

In the videos that I will record regularly, I will try to give a succinct explanation of how this neuropsychological model worked in my office and can work in everyday life. It works in all the problems that many of us know, where images, words and emotions lead to disorder, confusion, fear, suffering .

Every idea, every thought , & nbsp; can be changed to your liking .

Every idea, every thought is stored in the brain. The “automatic pilot” takes them back and forth in the neuronal pathways of our brain, building new paths in our “brain implant”.

The brain not only has the ability to record, but can learn quickly what the external information propose, determining the most disparate behaviors.

Think about what a panic attack looks like. The brain has learned something in seconds without our knowledge that, in just as many seconds, puts us in a state of profoundly unbearable terror .

Well, the assertion twenty years ago, when I started helping people, is also valid now: a visual, auditory, cenesthetic, olfactory stimulus from the outside world produces a response in the group of receptors placed in the depth of the brain that interferes with emotional functions: if we learn how to control the thoughts & nbsp; recorded in our brain that make us feel bad, that interfere with our actions , which make it difficult to relate to others, we have the ability to manage our emotions and our behavior . Seeing is believing …..

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