Hypnosis Curriculum

Giovanna Genovese

she graduated in

psychology at the La

Sapienza University of

Rome, she has a

background in

Psychosomatic Medicine

and Hypnosis.

she was a member of the

International Society of


She attended – The School

of Clinical Hypnosis “H.

Bemheim” of Verona – The

Biennial Course of

Psychosomatic Medicine

promoted by SIMP with

the collaboration of the

Institute of Psychiatry of

the La Sapienza University

of Rome; & nbsp; & nbsp; –

The four-year course of the

Italian School of Hypnosis

and Erichsonian

Psychotherapy in Rome –



Course in Palermo. He has

published essays,

including “ The sexual

imaginary -potentiality of

equilibrium i ”with

preface by Aldo

Carotenuto and

Presentation by Vanni

Ronsisvalle; and “

Imagining to improve the

quality of life” published

by Firenze Libri.
She was interviewed twice by RAI for the section “ Health” and “Medicina 33”. She has conducted regional television and radio broadcasts.
Some publications & nbsp; – The essay “ Why do we dream – c how to read predictions and prescriptions of our dreams every morning “ , which proposes easy rules to follow to obtain from dreams precious indications on needs and fears, on the problems we are facing facing in real life, about the changes that it would be useful to make to our way of thinking and acting. The autobiographical novel “ It’s possible ” , has the Preface by Aldo Carotenuto – supervisor of the writer’s thesis – and the Presentation by Vanni Ronsisvalle. The story is flanked by color images, analyzes and indications that convey a positive outlook on life. It is possible to buy books by clicking on the menu ” My books to help you ” – The collection “If You Know You Can Guide Your Thoughts” is also on Amazon, & nbsp; 20 handhelds that indicate how expand the knowledge on how we are and how our mind and brain work, to get indications on what to do to get immediate results on everyday problems.
lei She has participated in International and World Congresses, presenting reports on her VA-E Psychoneurological Model, a new approach to the rapid solution of psychological problems.
Presented the reports: A Vienna ” A case of anorexia treated with Hypnosis “ al – World Council for psychotherapy & nbsp; Austria Center. In Dublin ” Psychotherapy and Neuroscience ” – at Tradition and Transition 9th. Congress of the European Association for Psychotherapy.

At the International Congress Center of Florence “Helth Psychology and Neurosciences“,

At the Palais des Congrès in Paris, “Overcoming performance anxiety by means of mental images < strong> ”for the – World Congress of Sexology,

A Limassol, Cyprus, “A new approach in Sex Therapy that uses Dreams and Hypnosis”, al – 6th. Congress of the European Federation of sexology

The report presented in Paris was chosen among the best communications of the Congress, to be published, in English and French, in the European Journal of Medical Sexology “.

The interview on the Report presented in Cyprus was published in the newspaper “Cyprus Mail, The international daily” .

His psychological model VA-Efocuses on the functioning of thought through images, with certainty that we can guide him to improve the quality of our vita.

The VA-E Neuropsychological Model:

1 – what we see and hear, inside and outside our head, remains recorded in our brain in specific neural traces and emotional areas;

2 – between neural traces and emotions there is such a link that images and emotions can recall each other;

3 – the impulses of our brain are forces & nbsp; that we can learn to use through mental images

WE CANact on the imagesthat our brain reproduces, to modify the emotions linked to them, have control of our thinking and guide our behavior.

DETAILED Information on the Psychological Model: click on the home image


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