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Obsessive thoughts
Panic Attack
Achieve your objective
Be successfully
Fear of public speaking
Forget your ex
Check your thoughts
Read in thoght
Attract attention with non verbal language
Manage the blush
Fear of public speaking
Exame fear
Headache eliminate
Laugh to fell well

 VIDEO-exercises   on  YOU TUBE

I used my VA-E Model to help people overcome the psychological suffering, teaching how to act on Mental Images to manage thoughts and emotions. I gave demonstrations of the operation of my Model in the World Congresses listed on this site. You can contact me
in or phone number +39 347 0171718. I can also help you with videos that will adjust and you will find at this site and in You tube. You can, if you want, read what I wrote by clicking on “Literary Works”.

After a ten-year dive trips packed, books and music resurface driven by the desire to regain what I have left: very much friends, and a rewarding profession.
My adventure in the world of psychology began when, out by the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, I had a certificate of Degree in Psychology and a varied knowledge of psychotherapies that were born like mushrooms.
I left them to rest, to immerse myself in for me the wonderful world of neuroscience.
I wanted as much as possible, understand how the soggy matter inside our heads. It involved in every movement, thought, feeling allows the Intangible Mind to produce a treasure taken little thought: Mental Images.
What you’ll see with the eye of the mind gives the brain the power to manage all our lives. Especially since there is a strong link between mental images and emotions
I have always had a particular interest about what the mind is able to create using the imagination. Half a century ago, I used hypnosis because the altered state of consciousness allows a production of mental images quick and detailed; Today work on the mental representations without the use of hypnosis, I teach people how to use them to improve the quality of their lives.

Assumptions and therapeutic actions that I put in place in an effort to help people find the tranquility, are totally dependent on the functioning of our brain: get into the gears of the brain in search of solutions is too fascinating not to try to do so. I can do it together with you even through the videos you put on the network.
The discoveries of neuroscience, cybernetics and quantum, relative to what happens in the “skull” when the gelatinous mass is stimulated by information that comes through the senses, say, the sight and hearing are closely related to emotions, with head our actions.
Today we think of the real possibility of transforming thoughts into programs for computers: it is assumed that the bioelectric signals produced by the thought and emotions, are waves that the brain can send outside in a typical form corresponding to some activities: the transformed waves into digital signals transmitted to the computer and analyzed by a program can stimulate specific actions.

If we have force-stimulus in the brain that can produce actions, why not try to use them to control certain emotional reactions in us and all consequent actions  out of us?
I propose a new, easy and effective immediately to use the capacity of our brain to improve the quality of our lives.
At the beginning of my work, I called my Neuropsychological Model VA-E because it is based on our ability to see, Listening – Thrilling and the possibility of acting on mental images for how to handle the thoughts and, as a consequence, the actions.
In the video I will record regularly, try to give a succinct explanation on how this neuropsychological model works in my office and can work in everyday life. It works in all the problems that many of us know, in which images, words and emotions bring unrest, confusion, fear, suffering.

Every idea, every thought, is formed in our minds thanks to the information coming from our senses, by seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting. The information coming from the outside, can become images, voices, inner feelings that can direct all our actions.
Every idea, every thought, whether we are aware or which is outside of our awareness, as well as being the backbone of any action structure, can be modified at will.
Every idea, every thought is stored in the brain. “Autopilot”, brings them forward and backward in the neural pathways of the brain, building new roads in our “brain implant.”
The brain, not only has the ability to record, but know quickly learn what the external information offering, determining the most disparate behaviors.
Think of what it looks like a panic attack. The brain has learned in just a few seconds something without our knowledge that, in as many seconds, puts us in a state of deep unbearable terror.

Well, the assertion of twenty years ago, when I started to help people, is valid even now: visual stimulation, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory from the outside world, produces a response in the group of receptors in the brain depths it interferes with emotional functions: if we learn how to have the control of thoughts recorded in our brain that make us feel bad, that interfere with our actions, that make it difficult the relationship with others, we have the ability to manage our emotions and our behavior. Seeing is believing…..

In Videos <<  Happiness Lessons>> You can  understand how and why the VIDEO- EXERCISES work immediately.

Happiness lessons

The work, born from the study of neuroscience and experience in the field of psychology, wants to open a dialogue to find answers to questions such as:

It’s possible to have control of our thoughts and actions that we detest? Can we overcome fear? Can we handle anxiety? You can regain your self-confidence?

These are questions that could be asked who wants to know more, and that those who suffer for various reasons.


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