CIPRO -Un nuovo approccio alla terapia sessuale che usa sogni ed ipnosi – A new approach in sex therapy that use dreams and hypnosis




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Questa relazione presenta un nuovo approccio alla soluzione del problemi psicologi che usa sia l’interpretazione dei sogni per trovare Il nucleo del problema sessuale che l’ipnosi come efficace mezzo terapeutico.

Il nuovo modo di lavorare con l’Ipnosi sui sogni permette di raggiungere Il problema sessuale In modo diretto e di risolverlo In un tempo relativamente breve.

L’interpretazione del sogni che viene proposta è lontana dal vecchi simbolismi freudiani e junghiani, essa poggia le sue asserzioni sulle recenti ricerche delle neuroscienze sulla memoria e sull’attività del circuiti cerebrali relativi al sistema visivo ed emozionale, con l’obiettivo di capire come e perché si formano le Immagini oniriche.

Oggi si ritiene che la memoria sia un processo costruttivo che permette di sintetizzare una nuova esperienza soggettiva ogni volta che richiamiamo alla mente un avvenimento.

La funzione della mente quindi è attiva nella sua interazione con gli eventi e i circuiti cerebrali, stimolati dagli input sensoriali ed emotivi, fanno







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emergere o quelle Immagini e quelle emozioni che poi vengono rassembrate e proiettate nel sogno per creare storie Inedite. In queste storie è possibile trovare problemi Insoluti rifiutati create tra i quali emergono prevalentemente quelli sessuali

L’ipnosi è ritenuta un mezzo terapeutico per bypassare resistenze consce e Inconsce spesso presenti nel problemi dl natura sessuale, essa che permette dl focalizzare punti dl vista spesso presenti nel problemi dl natura sessuale, essa che permette dl focalizzare punti dl vista Inconsueti e operare cambiamento che     sarebbe stato difficile ottenere in altro modo.

L’ipnosi Inoltre, usando un’efficace tecnica dl visualizzazione permette un più rapido funzionamento del modello neuropsicologico dell’autrice e quindi una più rapida soluzione dl alcuni problemi In generale, e In particolare dl quelli sessuali.

Il modello chiamato VA-E presuppone che tra emozioni e rappresentazioni mentali vi sia un legame-condizionamento tale che Immagini ed emozioni possono richiamarsi a vicenda, e di conseguenza si possa rapidamente agre sull’ una per modificare I ‘altra, soprattutto utilizzando l’ipnosi.

Per avvalorare i concetti delle neuroscienze citati, la proiezione dl alcune diapositive mostrerà il funzionamento delle aree visive ed emozionali del cervello

Implicate nella produzione d’immagini oniriche può essere offerta la possibilità dl partecipare alia dimostrazione dl come viene fatto questo tipo dl lavoro sui sogno per trovare il nucleo del problema sessuale che In esso è celato, e appurare come l’ipnosi possa aiutare il processo dl accettazione dl tale problema e spinga a cercare e trovare le indicazioni per risolverl



This paper presents a new approach to the solution of psychological problems that uses both dream interpretation to hit the centre of sexual problems and hypnosis as an effective therapeutic method.

The new way to work on dreams with hypnosis allows us to reach the sexual problem in a direct way, and to solve it in a short time.

Dream interpretation that we are suggesting is far from Freud’s and Jung’s old symbol It bases Its statement on recent research of neuroscience about memory and on activity of visual and emotional cerebral circuits, with the objective of understanding how and why the dreamlike Images are formed .

Today It is thought that memory is a built up process that allows us to synthesize a new subjective experience every time we

remember an event.

The function of the mind is active In its interaction with the events, and the cerebral circuits, stimulated by sensorial and emotive input, create or make t

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hese images and these emotions come out, which are then put together and projected In the dream to create unpublished stones. In these stories it is possible to find out unresolved or refused problems among which mainly sexual problems emerge.

Hypnosis is considered a therapeutic way by which to bypass conscious and unconscious resistances which are often present In sexual problems, It permits us to focalize unusual points of view and to make changes that would be difficult to obtain In another Hypnosis, moreover, using an effective technique of visualization, allows the work of the neuropsychological model of the author   to be quickened, and afterwards a quicker solution of some problems in general, and in particular of sexual problems.

The model, called VA-E, assumes that among emotions and mental representations there is link-conditioning so that Images and emotions can recall each other, and consequently it is possible to act on one to modify the other rapidly, especially by making use of hypnosis.

To give value to the mentioned concepts of neuroscience, some slides show the work of the visual and emotional areas of the brain involved in production of the dreamlike Images. The chance can be given to participate In the demonstration of how this kind of work on dreams is done, to find the nucleus of the sexual problem that is hidden In the  dream, and to check how it is possible to use hypnosis to stimulate the acceptance of that problem and to help to find the instructions to solve It.


The interview on the report was published in the newspaper: Cyprus Mail

Sex on the brain: the good and the bad of it

By AlexMita

CAN’T GET it up? Had a bad sexual experience that is proj ected right in front ofyou each time you’re about to get it on? You’re not the only one.

Thousands ofpeople see images of their sexual disappointment time and again before sex, which can lead to sexual dysfunction, rapid relationship deterioration, emotional pain and despair.

According to sexologist, Giovanna Genovese, all you have to do is visualise bad sex out ofyour life forever.

The Italian therapist had just fmished speaking to the sixth Congress ofthe European Federation of Sexology in Limassol and told the Cyprus Mail that when a bad sexual experience is imprinted in the brain it pops up each time we are about to have sex . “The idea is that there is a connection between mental images and emotion all the time.”

Apparently, everything we see, hear and experience is archived in a little part ofthe brain.

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The picture and the emotions linked to that image are stored in this archive. Genovese has come up with a scientific model, which says that ifwe can cancel these images then we will also cancel the emotion that goes with them.

“For example, I remember feeling ridiculous the last time I had intercourse. My movement was not good and motivity is very important during sex.

What happens is that an image was recorded in my brain and when I thought about having sex again, my brain ran a sequence of the bad images that I had experienced and that put me off having sex.”

Genovese said that during sex men and women become rigid and don’t pay attention to the emotion during intercourse and what goes on inside the body.

They only think about how ridiculous they look. But the sexologist says that the solution to this form ofsexual

dysfunction is very easy.

“Before having sex, we must force our brain to visualise not what has been recorded, but a moment of wonderful sexual pleasure that we have experienced. One can do this together with a therapist,” she says. “During the day we should think of good images and therefore change bad images into good ones.

“For example we should think of good sex that we had like a feature film, in which we are having a very good intercourse and there is

a good erection. This would also help blood to go to the right place so that you can have a good erection,” Genovese says.

“In order to have sex you must have an erection and in order to have an erection blood must go to

the penis. This is an instinct that nature gave us. This instinct needs no interference.”

Genovese says that the work of the therapist is to concentrate to change the images that are inside the brain that give a negative emotion and one way to achieve this is through hypnotism. “During hypnosis the subject can think without interference and the therapist can induce the person to

remember good sexual moments, she explains.

During intercourse we should concentrate on the feeling and sensation of having sex. Genovese says this would help everything work perfectly.

“You must focus on your sensation. In the moment that your partner touches your hand, you should concentrate on what is happening on your hand, if it feels good, you must then encourage your partner to continue this movement that makes you feel good,” she says.

“Ifyou don’t feel good you should then lead her somewhere that makes you feel good.” The body is a map and in contrast to Freud, it changes day by day.

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One day you’ll feel good when your partner touches you in a certain place and the following night you may not feel that good.

Men must change their position and help their to give them pleasure. And make sure you leaveout all negative images during sex.

Genovese says that to change the emotions is easy. “Think ofthe last intercourse you had that was bad. Take that image and push it further from your body.

When you push it away the picture gets smaller. Put all your negative images far away.”

“When the images are far away from you, then visualise the good sexual experience you have. This will be greater than the bad image, which is now far away.”

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